las 7 magnificas

This unusual text presents seven deep skills to empower our lives, our professionality and our organizations. In a complex and ultra-fast 21st century, this book brings the answer to the question: what behaviors should abound in those who assume demanding responsibilities and want to take control of their lives? The answer specifically avoids the easy recipes of the so-called “self-help books”.

The book is written with the rigor of the social sciences, the lucidity of the humanities, the practicality of management and the depth of ethics. Its aim is to improve people and organizations. It combines all this knowledge and approaches with many years of professional and personal experience to produce something new, difficult but accessible: a practical and reasonable path to excellence.

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Seven deep skills

Click on each skill to learn more about it. Do you dare to discover our seven skills?


Entrepreneurship as an attitude and initiative as a key to build value-added projects.


Management as a virtuous habit, good manners as algorithms necessary for excellence.


 The art and science of communicating to impact the minds and hearts of others.

Professional ethics as a driver of behavior and way being & doing that gives meaning to what we do.


Agile methodologies and culture of flexibility to shine in a extra-VUCA world.


The forging of commitments as the core of trust, the personal overcoming of conflicts and adversities and the construction of the best teams.

The brain processes that lead to invention, and how to incite them at the individual and business level to produce valuable innovations.

It is not an academic text, but a joyful journey

Not just facts, not just strategies, but also stories that give body to what is transmitted and make the text enjoy itself. That is also The Magnificent Seven, not an academic journey —even if there are keys, summaries and a guiding structure—, but a successful journey, an epic that must end with the answer to this question:

What should people and organizations be like to achieve their highest aspirations?

About the authors

From left to right

Elena Iglesias is business development, processes and executive management.

Alberto Ariza is digitization, optimization and data.

Juan Carlos Blanco  is communication, advertising and journalism.

Luis Parra is strategy, entrepreneurship and leadership.

José María González-Alorda is business transformation and commercial excellence.

Matilde Bellido is professional development, mentoring and environmental management.

David Cerdá is innovation, teamwork and human beings.

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Seven deep skills to empower your life, your profession and your organization