We live in the new post-COVID paradigm, a world of exponential transformation where business models become obsolete in ever shorter periods of time. For this reason, it is key for us to build bridges and synergies with companies and organizations where we can jointly offer comprehensive services that cover all the needs of our clients.

For us, adding efforts implies multiplying results. Hence the strategic alliances that we present below are born:

“When two forces come together, their effectiveness is more than doubled”


Our alliance with 3JIT Innovation & Talent was born with the purpose to help our customers through a joint methodology, which we have called Transformation Model 4.0. We want to offer a comprehensive service for the transformation of your business.

Our experience allows us to execute Industrial and Digital transformation projects in a joint and complementary manner throughout the entire process. We base our model on trust, making quick-win deliveries, support throughout the whole process, methodology and specialized service. We offer the collective intelligence of an interdisciplinary team and project-approach capabilities.

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Where are we heading to?

  • Transformations in the Aerospace, Agri-food, Health, Energy and Mobility sectors.

  • Definition of projects for industrial-based clusters.

  • Integration, simplification and updating of strategies with Tier 1 and Auxiliaries.

  • Addressing ad hoc Business, Strategy, Process and People projects.


3JI & T has the purpose and firm commitment to generate added value in a systematic way, and to contribute permanently to the achievement of the goals of its clients and business partners. We help them to define their growth strategies and add to the optimization of their operational processes.

The combination of the knowledge acquired through experience in senior management positions, talent and innovation in new technologies make 3JI & T able to contribute to operational excellence, the integration of the value chain and innovation in both operational processes and management, maximizing the benefit of its clients.


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