Bamboo Program

Aimed at companies and boards of directors that want to be more flexible and agile to respond to the requirements of an increasingly volatile and uncertain market. Organization, tools and tailor-made action plans.

Executive accelerator

Training and support programs for executives & managers. The latest management tools and management practices together with the accumulated managerial experience of our associates.

Digital Advancement Program

Planning and execution of comprehensive projects that allow companies to use technology effectively and information appropriately. Applied Expertise that offers objective support for decision-making, so you can adapt your company to the new digital environment.

Business Models, Ecosystems, Platforms and Open Innovation Systems

Innovation projects based on new business platforms and ecosystems. Creation of Open Innovation Systems (OIS) in organizations.

Executive & Strategic Communication

At Strategyco we analyze the social & marketing positioning of your company and work on the design of communication strategies. We improve the image and increase the reputation of brands and executives.

Strategic and Directive Communication

At Strategyco. We analyze the social positioning of companies and work on the design of communication strategies and consolidation of the image and reputation of the brands and their managers.

Professional Excellence

Diagnosis, training, hand-in-hand work with teams and departments, mentoring and action plan for the professional improvement of employees. Individual and team excellence based on our own methodology.

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