At Strategyco we have created our own innovative methodology for the analysis, diagnosis, planning, execution and measurement of strategic actions in organizations.

The holistic vision of the companies that our managerial experience gives us and our multidisciplinary profiles allows us to make a deep immersion in the organization and business.

With this, in a short period of time, we manage to detect the areas of improvement on which we will plan and apply concrete actions focused on achieving the objectives set with the client. 

We work with our clients in four dimensions


on-site, online and hybrid formats adaptable to the specific needs of companies. Conferences, workshops, courses and other tailor-made options.


Business projects adapted to the specific needs/requirements of companies: diagnosis, action plan, execution and goals’ achievement.


Personalized advice in planning and decision-making, hot line, mentoring. Executive counseling for the achievement of executives’ goals.

Interim Management

Part-time executives through management skills: general management, people, financial, commercial, productive, logistics, strategic, innovation and so on.

The Strategyco Model

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